A man with golden ears.

Wout van Wengerden

Filmmaker, Kwetsbare Held

2022 Documentary


Early 2022 I got a phone call from filmmaker Wout van Wengerden, (Kwetsbare Held). He heard about me through a common acquaintance. Wout was looking for someone to take the audio of his documentary Tussen De Liefde En De Leegte (Between Love and Emptiness) to the next level. 

During the audio post-production process, I was able to get rid of a lot of troublesome factors like distortion, wind, pops and clicks, and unpleasant frequencies. I added sound effects where needed, and ensured a nice blend between the music, voice over, and dialogue. In a couple of spots I added cinematic sound design elements with the aim of creating an even more immersive experience for the audience.

“Tussen De Liefde En De Leegte” is a lyric from Dutch songwriter Stef Bos, which inspired the films’ subject. Bos provided music for the documentary and appears in an extensive interview. The underscore music was created by Michael Prins (Winner of The Best Singer-Songwriter of The Netherlands in 2013).

This documentary is the film makers’ personal exploration of his love life, and of love in general.  It was a real pleasure working on this inspiring and intimate project with Wout, himself an energetic and inspiring man.