I had a very pleasant collaboration with Robert. Despite the very great time pressure, he made a final mix for one of our films, and composed several music tracks.

Robert is definitely recommended if you are looking for a motivated enthusiastic composer, musician and mixer.

Kevin Ike

Producer, Van Ei Naar Kip

2022 48 Hour Film Project

A Ticket To Trouble

In the weekend of April 30, I took part in my first 48 Hour Film Project. It was the first edition in the Netherlands of 2022, and took place in my home town Arnhem. I joined the team of Van Ei Naar Kip.

This was the first time I scored a short movie, and what an awesome experience it was. During a 48 Hour Film Project, several teams create a short movie within the time span of a weekend.

On Friday afternoon, the genre of our movie was announced: action. “Great,” I thought to myself, “I love action movies and the energetic and frantic music that oftentimes goes with it”. On Saturday morning, I moved my mobile music studio to the office of Van Ei Naar Kip, in Veenendaal. There I started to compose some musical action sketches, while the rest of the team was busy shooting the movie.

A 48 Hour Film Project is a great exercise in working fast, and in letting your creative juices flow without judging. You can’t judge your music too much, because you simply don’t have the time for that. Results need to be created, and they need to be created fast.

Sunday was the day for editing, and  of syncing the music I had created thus far to the picture. The action cue I created the day before was fitting nicely to the feel of the movie. Next was filling the gaps with other music.

In the end our movie, A Ticket To Trouble, (click title to watch) won the second price for best film, and got several awards and nominations, among which was a nomination for best music. Click here to listen to the soundtrack on your favorite streaming service.

listen here

my musical contribution

Click the album cover on the right to listen to the soundtrack for A Ticket To Trouble on your favorite streaming platform.




Even with a deadline that is actually too tight, Robert manages to exceed expectations. It was a very nice collaboration!

Pim Fowler




Making of the film score