Robert lanting

Authenticity through sound

​Media composer Robert Lanting (1991, The Netherlands) works by the slogan “Authenticity Through Sound”. Coming on the media music scene in 2019, his debut was the title track of a short film which was critically acclaimed by the director and audience.

So far, Robert created music for short movies, documentaries, podcasts, a video game, online courses, and more. His music has been licensed all over the world through music libraries, among clients like Media Monks and T-Mobile. He curates a growing catalog of both non-exclusive music, and writes exclusive music for publishers and libraries like Synchronic (Los Angelos, US) Jupiter Muse (Los Angeles, US) and Sound Ideas (CAN).



One of Robert’s tracks gained over 50,000 views in 2021. In April 2022, he won the Evenant Composer Challenge with his track Total Eclipse. In May 2022 he was composer for the 48 Hour Film Project movie A Ticket To Trouble, which won second prize for best movie, and got a nomination for best music. Later that year his score for the 48 HFP movie Bloedrijk got nominated for best music.

From epic thunderous trailer music to intimate piano, from cinematic soundscapes to deep chillstep, Robert delivers the sound your project needs.

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Happy clients


GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, EMOTIONAL, MOVING. These are words I use to describe this masterpiece Robert! Incredible job.

– Gary Gray | Voting Member of The Grammy® Recording Academy

I am so glad I discovered your music! I am using your song in my video series.

From Grace to You | YouTube creator

Very pleasant colaboration. Despite the great time pressure, Robert made a final mix for one of our films, and composed several music tracks.

– Kevin Ike | Producer Van Ei Naar Kip