Robert lanting

Robert Lanting is a media composer from the Netherlands. His fascination with music started at an early age. It wasn’t until after conservatory where he studied bass, that he accidentally discovered his love for writing music when a friend asked him to write the title track for a short movie in 2018. He then found his true passion in music.

So far, Robert has created music for several short movies (two nominations for best music), documentaries, podcasts, and video games, and won the 2022 Evenant Composer Challenge. Next to this custom work, he writes production music for established publishers like Dos Brains, Synchronic, Jupiter Muse, and Sound Ideas.

Robert loves writing in various cinematic styles, from epic trailer tracks to intimate dramatic cues. He strives to enhance the onscreen emotions with a unique and evocative sound for each project. Colleagues describe him as kind, easy to work with, and communicative. Among his many influences are Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Harry Gregson Williams, John Powell, Danny Elfman, Joe Hisaishi, Ólafur Arnalds, Ola Gjeilo, Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, and many others.

In September 2023, Robert decided to step up his game by enrolling in Momentum, an intense half-year online film scoring course. He receives mentoring from teachers like Christopher Young,  Lennie Moore, Jose Cancela, Nathaniel Blume, and Dirk Ehlert.


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