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Thomas Rovers

Filmmaker, Story Driven

2021 documentary music & audio post production

Et Fochtelervene

In 2021 I composed the music soundtrack for the documentary Et Fochtelervene: Van Iestied Naor Wieshied (translation: The Fochteloo Peat Grounds: From Ice Age to Wisdom). It portrais the history and future of this unique national park, situated in the northern part of The Netherlands.

Director and film maker Thomas Rovers from Story Driven had a general vision for the music, but gave me a lot of freedom. This was a lot of fun, because it gave me the opportunity to really experiment with creating a cohesive world of sound and music for this documentary. In the different music compositions I tried to incorporate the natural beauty and mystery of the park, while maintaining a feel for the historical context of each part of the documentary.

Next to creating the musical score for Et Fochtelervene, I was responsible for the complete mix, and was the audio engineer for recording the voice over.

Et Fochtelervene: Van Iestied Naor Wieshied was commissioned by Stellingwarver Schrieversronte Foundation.

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my musical contribution


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The soundtrack for Et Fochtelervene is available for streaming on each major platform. I selected about 33 minutes (22 tracks) of music from a total of over 50 minutes.

One of my personal favorite pieces Shepherds Of The Swamps. Based on a theme played by the dulcimer, followed by medieval flute, and accompanied by all kinds of percussion instruments and strings. The piece sets the tone for a scene about the sheep herders on the peat grounds, many hundreds of years ago…

Shepherds Of The Swamps

Et Fochtelervene (Original Documentary Soundtrack)