2022 winning scoring contest submission

Evenant composer challenge

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In April 2022 I took part in the Evenant Composer Challenge. It was a scoring contest where composers had to create a piece of music for a one minute video. The video immediately inspired me to create music, so that was a big plus. I was lucky with this contest, because the inspiration just started flowing as soon as I saw the video images, and kept on going until my submission was finished about three hours later. That doesn’t always happen.

As the winner of this scoring contest, I got free access to Evenant’s eight week Composer Accelerator course with live sessions by Evenant Founder Arn Andersson. This was the best prize I could imagine, because it came just at the right time, as I was focussing on improving my composing workflow. Thank you, Evenant!

Evenant is a platform that helps composers and artists create better music and art. I got tons and tons of value by going through their music courses. I highly recommend you check them out if you want to take your cinematic music skills to the next level.

Here are some of my favourite Evenant music courses:

My winning submission, ‘Total Eclipse’, for the 2022 Evenant Composer Challenge.