2022 scoring contest submission


Around Halloween 2022, I took part in a scoring contest organized by the sample library company AVA. The contest was focused on creating music for a horror trailer video, and the rules were simple: contenders were only allowed to use the sounds that AVA provided.

The contest was open to all composers, regardless of their experience or background, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. AVA received hundreds of entries from talented musicians from all over the world, and the competition was fierce.

As a participant, I was excited to take part in the contest and challenge myself to create something unique and chilling. I spent several hours browsing through the sounds provided by AVA, experimenting with different combinations, and ultimately settling on a soundscape that I felt captured the essence of the horror genre.

I was pretty happy with the end result, which taught me a lot about sound design, a subject that I was becoming more and more interested in at the time. When I heard the winning entries though, I suddenly realized that I still have a lot to learn about sound design. 

After that experience, I decided to enroll in Evenant’s Trailer Sound Design course, to really dive deep into this amazing world of endless possibility and creativity. Now you can often watch my frantically strolling through my house, audio recorder in one hand, and banging on everything to see what it sounds like with the other. So much fun!

My submission for the 2022 AVA Halloween Challenge.