Part of the cast and crew on set.

The cultural Stellingwarver Schrieversronte Foundation in Oldeberkoop has now had two excellent experiences with Robert. […] last year he provided a fantastically beautiful film song in the feature film ‘Daor Klept De Klokke Weer’, and recently for several ‘tailor-made’ jingles for a new regional cultural radio program in the south-east of Friesland. And… there are already plans for more… 👌

Highly recommended: Robert is a serious, creative and pleasant person to work with!

Sietske Bloemhoff

Chairwoman, Stichting Stellingwarver Schrieversronte

2019 title song

daor klept de klokke weer

The first piece of music I created for a film, was the title track for the short historical feature film Daor Klept De Klokke Weer, which played during the end credits. This is the project that made me realize that writing music is what I like to do the most in life. In this post, I write about the spontaneous encounter from which I got the project, and how it ultimately led me to quit my job and pursue my dream career as a media composer. 

It was one sunny Saturday afternoon in September 2018 at a party of a friend. There I started chatting with one of his friends, Thomas Rovers. I knew he was a filmmaker working on his first short feature film, and we just casually started talking about what we both were doing creatively. I had just told him that I was thinking about getting back into music after a break of several years, and that I wanted to focus on writing songs. 

Later during the conversation, Thomas told me that his film composer scored the whole film, but got burned out, and wasn’t able to create a title track for the end credits. 

Director and film maker Thomas Rovers from Story Driven had a general vision for the music, but gave me a lot of freedom. This was a lot of fun, because it gave me the opportunity to really experiment with creating a cohesive world of sound and music for this documentary. In the different music compositions I tried to incorporate the natural beauty and mystery of the park, while maintaining a feel for the historical context of each part of the documentary.

Next to creating the musical score for Et Fochtelervene, I was responsible for the complete mix, and was the audio engineer for recording the voice over.

Et Fochtelervene: Van Iestied Naor Wieshied was commissioned by Stellingwarver Schrieversronte Foundation.