2022 48 Hour Film Project


Bloedrijk (Blood Realm) is the third 48 Hour Film Project film I created music for in 2022. The film was produced by THNV-Media. They are a team made up of clients and employees of Zorglandgoed Mirre.

This 48 Hour Project was a special edition in association with x Imagine, a cinema in Amsterdam, and was based on the genres horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Our team got the genre High Fantasy. Lucky me! That’s one of my favourite genres to write music in. 

This short fillm takes us on a journey to the Land of Tar-O-Zie, where a dark ilness has struck. It’s an intimate story about a girl trying to safe her sister from this ilness. 

In terms of music I really only had one opportunity to go all out with the orchestra, choirs and percussion, and that was in the intro, where the world is being created. The rest of the music needed to be intimate and smaller, like the story itself. As I like to do, I derived most of the music from that intro, especially in the scenes where we see the sister suffering under her illness. 

This short film won a couple of awards and a nomination for best music. 

Robert is a top composer who has knowledge and skills of multiple styles and genres. He is easy to work with and has a positive attitude.

Tobias Haccou

Producer, THNV-Media