2022 twelve Corporate style tracks



music album 

In October 2022 I sent out the final version of 12 corporate style tracks I created exclusively for the Canadian based music licensing company Sound Ideas. Corporate music is a style of production music that is crafted for use in business videos, infomercials, tutorials, and explainers. The music uses elements from electronic music, pop, and rock music, and provides a soundbed that’s perfect to accompany corporate footage and add a voice-over to.

This is the first time I was commisioned to write a full album of music for a production music company. I learned a lot from the experience. The main takeaway for me was refining my own workflow. When writing music pr doing any type of creative work for that matter, it is very easy to spend as much time on it as you like. During this project, I had to repeat the process of writing a full track twelve times. With every track I got a bit faster, and found out new ways to write quickly, while still maintaining a high quality standard.

You can listen to the entire corporate music album I created for Sound Ideas on this page. If you’d like to use any of this music in your corporate videos, go to the Sound Ideas website here. For more of my corporate music, you can check out this collection on AudioJungle. If you want me to compose custom corporate music for your project, get in touch with me here.¬†