2020 documentary audio post production

paddle against depression

Early 2020 when casually scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I found a message from film maker Martijn van Monsjou. It was an announcment about a documentary to raise awareness for depression, that he was working on with his friend Thijs. This message immediately peaked my interest, because I know what an enourmous problem depression is worldwide, and I personally know people suffering from it. 

I sent Martijn a message offering my help with music and audio post production, to wich he responded positively. We agreed that I was going to create music for the documentary, and also mix all of the audio, and add sound effects where needed. I was super excited about the project, as this was my first documentary for which I would create music, and my first experience mixing audio.

I supplied two tracks for Paddle Against Depression: the music that the documentary starts with, and the music starting from 22:19. The documentary premiered on YouTube, 17 December 2020.  Be sure to watch this inspiring and motivational documentary!


listen here

my musical contribution

Burning Candle

by Robert Lanting | Paddle Against Depression

Morning Light

by Robert Lanting | Paddle Against Depression


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