Library Music Project


I am currently working on a couple of Epic Battle Drum tracks for a library album commissioned by a publisher in Los Angeles. Up until now in my career as a composer, I have always created most of my music using sample libraries, which I love to do!

But with this track, I was looking for a particular sample of a cymbal being scratched by a drum stick. After browsing through my samples for about 10 minutes without avail, I decided to dive into the kitchen to see what tools I could use to create the sound I heard inside my head. 

I started scratching all kinds of cutlery over pots and pans and ended up with a large kitchen knife and a big soup pan. It was good fun and a nice variation of just creating music while sitting in front of a computer. You can see a snippet of the recording session in the video below. 

In the future, I want to create more of my own sounds and record more live instruments for projects.